Simple Lists for Apple Watch

Grocery lists on your wrist!

Simple, easy-to-use design helps you keep track of your grocery lists, shopping lists, checklists, packing lists, to-do lists, and more.

Tap items off your shopping list on your wrist and leave your iPhone in your pocket.

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iPhone & Apple Watch Features

+ Quickly add previous items back to the active list.

+ Unlimited lists.

+ Share lists by text or email.

+ Multi-line item names.

+ No advertisements.

+ Completed items are immediately removed from the active list. You don't need to tap another button, swipe up, shake the phone, or jump through hoops to clear finished items.

+ Don't waste time fiddling with priorities, categories, or deadlines. With Simple Lists, you can just get things done.

Apple Watch Features

+ Add items using voice dictation.

+ Quickly add multiple items by saying "comma" between items.
For example, say "Bread comma butter comma milk" to quickly add separate items for "Bread", "Butter", and "Milk".

+ Create new lists using voice dictation.

+ Immediate updates between your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Pro tip: Set your Apple Watch to resume the previous activity whenever you raise your wrist. This way, your list is immediately ready for you while you're shopping.

1. Open the "Apple Watch" companion app on your iPhone.
2. In the "My Watch" tab, go to "General" -> "Activate on Wrist Raise" -> "Resume Previous Activity".


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Simple Lists for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and iPod touch.