My iPhone and Apple Watch apps have over 6.27 million users!

Treadmill Run Tracker icon

Treadmill Run Tracker

Makes it easy to log your treadmill runs. Enter the distance and duration of your run and the app will calculate the pace. Free!

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Simple Lists icon

Simple Lists for iPhone & Apple Watch

Grocery lists on your wrist!

Simple, easy-to-use design helps you keep track of your grocery lists, shopping lists, checklists, packing lists, to-do lists, and more.

Free for a limited time to celebrate the Apple Watch!

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Spelling Bear - Speak & Spell Teacher icon

Spelling Bear - Speak & Spell

Say any word to your Apple Watch, and your iPhone will spell it out loud!

Your iPhone speaks the whole word, then each letter. Your Apple Watch highlights each letter as it is spoken.

Includes images for animals and plants. Tap an image to hear and see the word spelled. Great for kids & parents!

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Note To Selfie icon

Note To Selfie

Speech-to-text notes app for Apple Watch.

Force Touch and speak to add new notes. Tap to remove notes. Easy!

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I'm Parked At icon

I'm Parked At

Speech-to-text parking spot reminder for Apple Watch. Force Touch to speak "I'm parked at [your location]", and the app will remember the location you've spoken.

Great for parking garages where GPS can't accurately determine what floor or section you're in.

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Scoreboard - Score Keeper icon

Scoreboard - Score Keeper

Keep score on your Apple Watch! Great for tracking points in games and competitions.

Count points, goals, runs, or anything else!

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Count It - Tally Counter icon

Count It - Tally Counter

Count anything and everything on your Apple Watch!

Keep track of laps, attendance, baseball pitch count, fish caught, cars parked, scores, repetitions, inventory, traffic, beers, or any other tally.

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Parrot - Repeat After Me icon

Parrot - Repeat After Me

Say something to your Apple Watch, and your iPhone will repeat it!

Have fun with your friends or kids. Play pranks: hide your iPhone and tell it what to say!

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Birthday Countdown icon

Birthday Countdown

See the exact number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you get to celebrate your birthday.

Works on Apple Watch!

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Random Robin - Randomizer icon

Random Robin - Randomizer

Randomly displays "Yes" or "No" on your Apple Watch every time you raise your wrist or tap on the watch!

Choose between Yes/No, 👍/👎, 😃/😕, ➡︎/⬅︎, ⬆︎/⬇︎, or A/B. Choose the % of time each option is displayed.

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iPhone Jaundice Hyperbilirubinemia icon


Helps clinicians apply the AAP guidelines for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

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iPhone Lab Unit Converter icon

Lab Unit Converter

Converts lab values between USA units and SI units.

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iPhone Normal Lab Values icon

Normal Lab Values

Displays reference values to help medical professionals interpret test results.

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iPhone customizable voice assistant icon

When I Say X, You Say Y

A customizable voice assistant.

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Previous Projects

Check out my past projects.

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St. Pete Swim Group

A swimming workout and vitamin D in Saint Petersburg, Florida!

Think of it as a casual, unofficial masters swimming club.

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