When I Say X, You Say Y

Meet Iris, your customizable voice assistant!

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Performs actions in response to your voice commands:

+ Fun for kids! Make your phone say silly things!
+ Have trouble remembering your license plate number or anniversary? Iris can remember it for you.
+ Put information in the app, then ask for it later.
+ Supports 44 dialects (languages) with 62 voices!
+ For English, choose a voice with an American, Australian, Indian, Irish, Scottish, South African, or UK accent!
+ Can fetch a URL in response to a command. If you have a web-server, this means you can effectively make the app perform arbitrary actions by running a script when it requests your URL. Maybe you can create a command that changes your hue lights, sets your smart thermostat, or opens your garage door! If you do, post a video on YouTube and send me a link!

Our speech provider allows 40 speech transactions per day. Most commands use two speech transactions (one to listen to your request, and another to speak the response).

Have fun!

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When I Say X, You Say Y for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.