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PowerController Educational Discount

Students may purchase PowerController for just $4.95, more than 50% off the standard price. To obtain a coupon code, send me an email from a .edu email address and include "Collegiate Coupons" as the subject line. Students without a .edu address can participate by sending a copy of their class list for the term. A free, unrestricted 30-day trial of PowerController may be downloaded at:

PowerController integrates with iTunes to provide the ultimate digital alarm clock. An unlimited number of events may be scheduled to wake your computer from sleep, play iTunes playlists, or put your computer to sleep. PowerController's iTunes alarms can set the system volume and iTunes volume, as well as gradually increase the volume for a more soothing wake experience. With features such as recurring alarms, configurable snooze and auto alarm shutoff, PowerController is the perfect musical alarm clock for students with hectic schedules. PowerController runs in the background and is configured via System Preferences, meaning there is no application hogging Dock space and alarms never need to be rescheduled -- even across reboots!

PowerController, the popular iTunes alarm clock for Mac OS X, may be downloaded at: