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This splendid page is where my old projects go to retire. They live a happy life here, playing foosball and eating ice cream.

I really think you should look at my current projects instead.

Path Tracker Logo
Path Tracker: iPhone GPS tracking app
Record your path, save it to the web, and share it with friends! View distance traveled, elapsed time, speed, latitude, longitude, and altitude. View your paths in Google Maps and Google Earth.
Path Tracker is no longer available
iPhone Medical Calculator
Medical Calculator: Quick access to medical equations
Clinical calculator for iPhone and iPod touch helps doctors and nurses compute useful formulas and equations.
SMS Logo
SMS Widget: Send free text messages
The SMS widget allows you to send text messages to mobile phones for free. The SMS widget integrates with the Mac OS X Address Book, so you can quickly select friends to contact.
Visage Login Logo
Visage Login: Customize your Mac OS X login screen
Quickly and safely customize your Mac OS X login screen. Change the login window images, add a custom text banner, add an Acceptable Use Policy, display the current date and time, and more.
PowerManager Logo
PowerController: iTunes alarm clock & sleep/wake scheduler
The best iTunes alarm clock for Mac OS X! Alarms can wake your computer from sleep, play any playlist in iTunes, and gradually increase the song volume. PowerController runs in the background and is configurable through System Preferences, so you won't have another app hogging dock space!
Visage Logo
Visage: Effortlessly Customize your OS
Visage allows you to easily and safely customize the appearance of your Mac.  You can run screen savers as your desktop background, customize your login panel, personalize system alerts, and more! Visage keeps track of Apple's default settings for every customization, so you can easily switch back to the original settings at any time.
WindowFinder Logo
WindowFinder: Find your windows faster
WindowFinder lets you instantly access any open window from your menubar. Select a window from the menu and it will become the frontmost window. WindowFinder is easier and faster than Exposé, which leaves you mousing over dozens of miniaturized windows that all look alike.
iPhone RSI
RSI: Rapid sequence intubation
Provides quick access to the rapid sequence intubation (RSI) procedure.
iPhone Sedation
Supplies procedural sedation and analgesia information.
Medical Abbreviations icon
Medical Abbreviations
Contains 13,000 medical abbreviations.
iPhone Vaccines
Vaccines: Immunization & shot schedules
Shows immunization schedules recommended by the CDC
iPhone Patient Tracker
Patient Tracker: Store H&P and notes for each patient
iPhone and iPod touch app helps doctors and nurses track information about their patients.
Filmcest icon

Filmcest: Get notified when your favorite movies are available on iTunes.

MarketWall: Buy and sell stuff in your local area
Free local classifieds. MarketWall is for local, person-to-person, cash transactions.
GPA Calculator GPA Calculator: Get insight into your GPA
GPA Calculator displays your overall grade point average (GPA) and major-specific GPA while maintaining a list of your classes and grades. GPA Calculator is FREE and ends the mental gymnastics normally required for calculating your GPA. 
Path Tracker Logo
Swine Flu Tracker
View statistics and news for the 2009 swine flu on your iPhone or iPod touch. Data is updated every hour.
Free iTunes Downloads
Free iTunes Downloads
Shows free music, TV shows, and other content on iTunes. New free downloads are posted every week with images and album artwork. You'll never miss another free download!
$0.99 movie logo
$0.99 iTunes Movie of the Week
Shows the $0.99 movie of the week on iTunes. You'll never miss a cheap movie!

Bible Verses logo
Bible Verses
Read amazing Bible verses. Find inspiration and guidance. Share comments about each Bible verse.
Quotes and iAds
Amazing Quotes
Amazing, inspiring, and funny quotes from Buddha, Gandhi, Einstein, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams.
My Turn Icon
My Turn: iPhone & iPod touch turn sharing app
Simple app shows a notification and plays a sound when it is time to take turns. This app runs in the background and shows notifications no matter which app is running. Great for parents with kids that need to take turns sharing an iPhone or iPod touch.