SMS Widgets and CallWave

Keaka’s SMS widgets have provided the easiest way to send SMS text messages since August 2005. In the last year and a half, users sent over 3 million messages to friends in dozens of countries through my services.

The SMS widget for Apple’s Dashboard ranked high in Apple’s top 50 widget downloads for 9 months straight. Macworld chose it as one of the top 10 Tiger widgets. It was even featured in an Apple email campaign promoting Mac OS X Tiger.

For the next wave of enhancements, I’m handing the controls over to CallWave. As an innovative leader in communication applications, CallWave is in a great position to add cool new features and release more widgets designed to take tasks that are difficult on the phone and make them easier to perform on the desktop.

CallWave has already created new versions of each of the SMS applications:

If you have any questions about the transition, feel free to contact me.