What the heck are MeMails?

I hate blogs. I hate reading them, I hate hearing about them, and I hate dreaming about them (which has happened a few times). However, I have to spread my brilliant gibberish among the masses somehow. I accomplish this daunting feat of goodwill by sending out Mass eMails (MeMails) to everyone in my address book.

If you aren’t cool enough to be on my MeMail list, have no fear! I save the most insidiously useless of my MeMails and post them on the web for the whole world to enjoy! And I don’t want to hear any nonsense about how my MeMails become blog entries once I post them online. That’s just silly. Plus, my abbreviation for ‘mass emails’ is so cool that it’s bound to spread like wildfire. It’s way cooler than the abbreviation for ‘weblog’, so take that, bloggers!

MeMails will be posted according to a Keakian calendar system, which bears absolutely no relation to the traditional Gregorian calendar. Under no circumstances will entries ever be posted in the order they were actually sent as emails. One day I might post a MeMail that hasn’t even been mailed yet, and the next day I might post an email from 5 years ago. There may occasionally be a logical sequence of postings, but I will try to avoid this whenever possible.