Probation Party

On Feb 22, 2002, at 3:17 AM, Keaka Jackson wrote:

In celebration of the dichotomy that is my life:

What: Probation Party

When: 9pm to 10am, Thursday, 2/28/2002. Come early and often.

Where: Trancos Lounge (Wilbur). Don’t let the location fool you. We’re going to be crazy.

Why: In celebration of the 2 letters I received simultaneously from Stanford University. Here are the two opening lines:
(1) “Congratulations! You have been admitted to the Masters’ Program in Computer Science.”
(2) “The Subcommittee on Academic Standing has placed you on academic probation.”

Also, my roommate Mikey just got OFF academic probation. He’s been on probation since fall quarter freshman year. Beat that, people!

How: However you want it. We’ll supply a keg or two, some good old fashioned hard liquor, some tasty mixed drinks, and big-ass speakers pumping out music to get nasty with.

Who: Me, you, your roommates, your parents, your hot cousins, anybody I know, anybody I don’t know, blah blah blah.

A lot of you haven’t seen me in a long time, so drop by and party hard. It will be much better than pub night (and much cheaper).
Must be 21 to drink, 14 to hook up with Mikey.


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  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Jon Says:

    So tell me, oh Programming Guru, HOW does one get accepted and academically probated at the same time ?

    I mean, I studied Law and Politics (talk about self abuse !!), and I couldn’t even come CLOSE to that little twosome..:-)

  3. Keaka Says:

    It’s all about finesse, timing, and a delicate manipulation of the administration system.

    The department responsible for accepting me into the Master’s program was way over on the other side of the building from the department responsible for placing me on probation.

    When I applied to the Master’s program I had a stellar academic record. As soon as I submitted my application, I turned to a life of booze and girl-chasing**. By the time the probation committee figured out what I was up to and sent a letter to the computer science department, it was too late! The computer science department had already accepted me and sent out a letter of their own. Muahahahaha!

    ** By “booze and girls”, I actually mean I was working my butt off at an Apple internship instead of attending classes. But I’m going to pretend I had a life if that’s ok with you.

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