On Oct 18, 2005, at 2:33 AM, Keaka Jackson wrote:

All of my friends know that I’m basically incapable of keeping in touch with anybody that doesn’t live within 30 feet of me. Here are the latest examples.

Last year I tried Gmail for a few days but quickly decided I didn’t like it. Of course, I neglected to forward my email or tell anybody that I abandoned the address. I have two dozen email addresses that all get checked in the same place, every minute. What are the odds of somebody sending an email to the one address that I don’t check? Hrrrm, pretty good apparently. I just checked my Gmail account for the first time in over 9 months. Damn. Oh well, apologies to the people who knew the Gmail address, especially Anne.

Attempting to reach me by phone is an even more impressively daunting task than trying to reach me through Gmail. One of the great features of my new apartment is the distinct lack of cell phone service. I check my phone messages about once a week, and I make a long list of all the friends I need to call back before they turn into enemies. The list always overwhelms me before I start, so I stuff it in a drawer full of important to-do items. This special drawer is currently a one-way deposit box. Nothing has ever emerged. At some point I plan to take everything out and publish a book from the materials. I’m going to call it “The Stuff Keaka Almost Accomplished in his Life”.

Anyway, if you want to get ahold of me while you’re waiting for the book to be published, it’s probably best to just move in with me.


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  1. Keaka Says:

    I also enjoy responding to Evites after the events have already occurred. For example:

    “Yes! I was there. Good times. Weird that you ran out of food though. Why didn’t you plan for enough guests?”

    “I’m not sure if I can make it yesterday, I was pretty drunk and have no idea where I ended up.”

    This technique works pretty well for me, as I’m rarely wrong about my RSVP if I respond after the fact. Unfortunately, I suspect this will lead people to wait until an event has passed before sending me the Evite.

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