I’m Moving!

On May 2, 2005, at 9:42 PM, Keaka Jackson wrote:

Hey all,

I’m moving to the Presidio in June!

Whenever I say that, everyone asks me why the hell I would do such a thing. My sister describes the Presidio as “a military base under the Golden Gate Bridge where elves and hippies live.” I’m here to set the record straight…

The Presidio is a 1,480 acre chunk of land that is part of a national park (the Golden Gate National Recreation Area). I like it because there are a few trees, fields, cliffs, beaches, and elves. A 4 minute drive gets me back into city surroundings, and a 10 minute drive gets me back to where I live right now. The Presidio has a few running/biking trails, a golf course, a bowling alley, a pool (with a master’s program), a gym, a squash court, a basketball court and tennis courts.


And now that the propaganda is over, my sister is right, it was a U.S. army post for 150 years and I will be living in an abandoned barrack! It is surrounded by miles of coastline that people call beaches, but in reality they are cold, fog-covered, wind-swept, dirty sand dunes. One of the Presidio’s main attractions, Crissy Field, is named after a pilot who valiantly tried to leave the Presidio but crashed and died shortly after takeoff. The Presidio is a National Historic District, which means that the majority of the buildings are dilapidated, designed to collapse immediately in the event of an earthquake, and probably constructed with asbestos.

I was going to include my new address in this email, but I can’t seem to find the slip of paper where I wrote it down. Anyway, you enter at the Lombard Gate, turn left, then bear right, then continue straight for 0.3 miles, then get hopelessly lost and call me on my cell to ask for directions: 650-283-xxxx.

As always, if you want off this email list then you should set up a rule in your Spam filter, because you won’t be getting any help from me.

– Keawesome

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