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PowerController 2.1.2, iTunes alarm clock released

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Download it!

Here’s what’s new in version 2.1.2:
PowerController automatically recognizes when you change your time zone in System Preferences and reschedules your alarms. You no longer need to log out and log back in after changing your time zone.

This update is ONLY for OS 10.4 (Tiger). If you are using another version of OS X, please download the appropriate version of PowerController from

PowerController is an iTunes alarm clock that is simple to use and packed with amazing features:

  • Wakes your computer from sleep
  • Integrated with iTunes
  • Plays any iTunes playlist
  • The initial system volume and iTunes volume are customizable
  • iTunes alarms can have a gradually increasing volume for a soothing wake experience
  • PowerController can shut off your alarm if you don’t dismiss it after a designated time period (so that your neighbors don’t call the police when you go away for a long weekend!)
  • iTunes alarms and wake events can launch an application, open a file, or run a script
  • Set a different wake time and playlist for every day of the week!
  • You may schedule an unlimited number of events
  • PowerController runs in the background — there is no app hogging Dock space
  • Configurable via System Preferences
  • Admin password is NOT needed to set an alarm that wakes computer from sleep
  • Snooze feature
  • A status item may be kept in your menu bar for easy access to info about scheduled events
  • Free, unrestricted 30 day trial

PowerController can also be used to schedule times for your computer to go to sleep or wake up (with or without an iTunes alarm).