Cheap Worldwide SMS: New Features Added

Here are the exciting new features we’ve added to our worldwide SMS service:

  • Added option to receive delivery acknowledgments by email. You’ve always been able to see your message status on your history page, and now you can get notified by email as soon as your message arrives on the recipient’s phone.
  • Added option to always use a delivery route that supports delivery acknowledgment.
  • Added option to always use a delivery route that supports Sender IDs.

All of these new features can be enabled by checking the appropriate checkbox on your account page. Do you need an account? It’s cheap and easy… get started now!

Features of worldwide SMS:

  • Type messages using a full sized keyboard instead of a tiny phone keypad.
  • Quickly send messages from your Dashboard using the SMS widget. The widget integrates with your Mac OS X address book.
  • Send messages from any web browser.
  • Reliable delivery to over 180 countries.
  • View your message history online.
  • Specify a Sender ID. In most cases, this allows the recipient to see who messages are from and reply to them.
  • Supports all of the ‘special’ characters! For example: € £ ¥ è é ñ ç ß ä å ¡
  • In the rare case a message can’t be delivered, you will be notified by email.
  • It’s cheap! Just 9 cents or less (€0,09) to send a message to most countries.

For a list of supported countries and the number of credits for each country, check our coverage table.

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